HUPAYX combines six key characteristics for providing a service that can be effectively experienced in the real commerce.

  • Blockchain
  • Payment System
  • Real Economy
  • Commercial Transaction
  • Service
  • Alliance

What isHUPAY Wallet?

The HUPAY Wallet is a secure and fundamentally necessary part of HUPAYX infrastructure that ultimately designed to meet customer needs.

  • Supports variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Safe storage and trading (payments and remittances)
  • Provides transparent and detailed transaction information
  • Easy payment processing (QR code generating)
  • Provides real-time market information and supports trading
  • Supports NFC Card pairing

What isH-POS?

After the initial registration of H-POS with a corresponding store, all procedures related to Payment and Settlement are automatically processed.

  • Low processing fee
  • Quick settlement (between 3~6 seconds)
  • Supports QR codes, IC chips, and NFC methods
  • Currency exchange service
  • Automatic tax return
  • W2W (Wallet to Wallet) settlement

What isH-Exchange?

H-Exchange supports development and cooperation with multi-purpose exchanges.

  • Self-developed and operated exchanges, partner exchanges, local currency exchanges
  • Provide real-time charts and digital currency information
  • Real name account, KYC, OTP authentication
  • Create and manage transaction blocks
  • Open API based trade settlement
  • Exchange Wallet - HUPAY Wallet asset integration

Alliance Group

Through the Alliance Group, various cross services integrations are possible.

HupayX Ecosystem Step - Pratner, User Pay Free User Get 70%, HupayX + ACCOMPANIMENTGet 30%, Invester, Virtuous circle of HupayX Ecosystem

HUPAYX Configuration Diagram

HUPAYX consists of Wallet-POS-Exchange and Alliance.

Road map

  • 2018. Q1Launch Project
    Planning and Design
  • 2018. Q2Launch Exchange Development
  • 2018. Q3Launch POS Development
  • 2018. Q4HUMANPLUS
  • 2019. Q1Wallet + App
    &:Block Established
  • 2019. Q2 Participate in Dubai conference
    Participate in Singapore conference
    Host local currency meet-up
  • 2019. Q3 Payment Platform
    (H-wallet, H-POS, H-Exchange)
    Beta version Release
  • 2019. Q4Test Net
  • 2020. Q1Main Net/ Payment Platform
    Official version Release
  • 2020. Q2Global Payment
    Alliance Launch
  • 2020. Q3Global Financial Alliance Business
  • 2020. Q4Global Payment

humanplus Team

We add services that People can experience anywhere, anytime.
We add legitimacy to the operation policy that precedes Legal regulation
We add User centered services with human-centered platform
We add high degree of reliability based on Social trust


  • Yongdae Han


    Seoulplaza CEO
    Director of Suwon Market Association
    (Online Gift Certificate Issuance & Distribution)
  • Jaejeong Lee


    Former LG Card Strategy Planning/HR Director
    Former Shinhan Card Marketing/Strategic Planning Director
    Former Shinhan Card Sales Director/Vice-President
  • Minjun Kim


    Strategy Planning/Marketing Office
    Former Hansol Company COO
  • Muncheol Gwon


    Service Accelerator
    Duol Company and many others
    Startup Accelerator
  • Eric(Hyeonsoo) Ahn


    Human Plus - Technical Adviser
    Web Machines CEO
  • Soun Bae


    Bae is a taleneted Mobile Carrier (KT, SK, LGU+) service developer with alliance sales. SI, IOT development, and for PM. Launched and developed LGU+ Smart Solution and applied to further corporate sectors, service paradigm of IPTV. Recently he had been devoted to the office of planning of “HICC”, the blockchain-based media service.
  • Yeongcheol Jo

    Lead Developer

    Participate in the development of more than 30 projects related payment and exchange systems. ​ Developed social network solutions to drive marketing-linked services and smart solutions.​ Experience in development of full stack development tools including hybrid apps and JavaScript.​
  • Donghyun Kim


    Kim is a talented business manager responsible for personnel, judicial and general affairs, data processing, and accounting with experience spanning financing, architecture, and real-estate companies. Kim manages and systematize the personnel system.​

Core Team


  • Younho Gyung


    Gyeonggi Credit Guarantee Foundation standing auditor,Gyeonggi Provincial Government Special Advisor,Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, Kyunghee University
  • Ph.D. Jungsoo Park


    Professor, Global Business Administration, Chonnam National University, Doctor of Economics, Beijing Foreign Economic and Trade University, Chief Planning Director, Korean Cultural Society of Korea
  • Ph.D. Dajung Jung


    Professor, Hoseo University Language Education Center, Graduated from Beijing University, Beijing International Foreign Trade University
  • Woojin Kong


    Eugene Investment & Securities (formerly Seoul Securities), DB Finance Investment Hwasung Department Store, DB Finance Investment Pyeongchon branch manager
  • Manan Mehta


    Manan has been an active Advisor and partner to companies such as OvCode, HARA Token, DustAid, BEAM Wallet, Zagg Protocol, PundiX, Shyft Network, WiFiCoin, etc. His philosophy is about Cryptocurrency mass adoption and its potential social impact and is working to solve the 'last mile' problem that would allow them to be used in daily transactions, albeit in a regulated manner.