First Blockchain Powered
Mobile Payment Platform
with Scalable O2O Ecosystem

Bringing never before real-life application of blockchain powered payments to both consumers and merchants and enabling them to pay and accept payments with their desired payment methods

Busan Catholic
Community based
TechFin Business

Efficient management of church community donations, as well as transparent deduction, taxation and utilization of church income. Coupled with comprehensive rewards for community members.

ONE Global
O2O Accommodation
Booking Platform

A Joint Venture between HUPAYX’s operator company The Human Plus and Korea Accommodation Industry Association (KAI A).
Established to harmoniously link customers with SME hotels & motels and hospitality services.


HUPAYX’s end-to-end mobile payment platform is based on Hybrid Blockchain coupled with TechFin business model, which is operated by The Human Plus - a System Integrator and Development company based in Seoul, South Korea.

Shuffle - Your Lifestyle, Your Wallet
First Multi-Digital Currency Wallet for Everyday Commerce

Shuffle covers the customer side, where users can easily send, buy, store and most importantly pay in 'SHUFFLE' points (prepaid e-money), which is backed by local currency. Crypto users can import their digital assets, store them or do near-instantaneous P2P transactions between SHUFFLE wallet users for free. Most important function is that crypto users can finally utilize their assets in real life by converting crypto into points inside of the wallet and making purchases at 'V A ULT' point-of-sale system supported merchants. W A LLET / PAYMENTS

V A ULT – Your Business, Your Store
All-in-One Mobile Merchant
POS App and Software System

V A ULT is a point-of-sale system that covers the merchant side of HUPAYX end-to-end payment ecosystem. V A ULT enables street vendors, small coffee shops and various other SME business to simply use their mobile phones as a pos terminal, where merchant can access inventory and simple CRM functions. A minimum scheme fee of 0.5% per transaction is charged, if paid in Shuffle Points, with additional monthly service fee of $5 per POS. POS (Point-of-Sale)

Digital Asset Management Platform

A Messenger Made Using Telegram Open API

Keep the existing Telegram messenger
functions and easily staking HPX through
the wallet menu and get rewards!


From local businesses seeking to reduce transaction-based fees imposed by traditional payment infrastructure, to everyday shoppers that overpay in every step of the way, HUPAYX removes unnecessary middlemen and reduces the fees for both users and merchants alike. Since HUPAYX covers the end-to-end payment infrastructure, digital currency users can finally spend their assets in real life, by simply converting them into HUPAYX’s internal prepaid e-money called Shuffle Points.

HUPAYX and Blockchain

Among known blockchain projects around 90% remain profitless, unlike them HUPAYX is reinforcing its business model with TechFin projects — such as Catholic Community based Payment Consortium and an accommodation booking Joint Venture - OneGlobal.
HUPAYX utilizes most important elements in a blockchain-based payment platform, such as performance, completeness and stability of the transaction. Its blockchain MainNet was build on Cosmos Chain, which utilizes dPOS through Tendermin consensus algorithm and solves problems associated with Scalability and Interoperability of blockchain related solutions.


HUPAYX has an ecosystem which based on the purpose and method of network participation is divided into - network alliance, application alliance, end users, merchants, and technology partners.

Network Alliance

Nodes that validate transactions and store transactions in the HUPAYX network. Put efforts to activate the network.

Application Alliance

An institution or company that has its own payment method or wants to distribute tokenized assets.

End User

The principal of payment as the end user of the payment service. End users do not pay a fee for payment.


The principal payment agent who receives payment from the end user. Small and medium-sized merchants pay a small transaction fee.

Technology Partner

Cooperation on technology development in various fields such as blockchain core technology and network construction to form HUPAYX Networks.

HUPAY Overview






Token Economy Flow

Shuffle Point Prepaid E-Money, backed by local currency
HX Token HUPAYX Internal Stablecoin
HPX Publicly Listed Utility Token, Platform and Reward master coin

The HPX coin used in HUPAYX network is a Native Currency, which is used as the 'Digital Currency asset for transaction processing' and 'operating system Digital Currency asset' such as smart contract. Fees for Digital Currency transactions using the HUPAYX network are modeled to be competitive compared to transaction fees in other payment systems. Transaction fees are determined once a month by voting between validation nodes in the network.Various revenues from the HUPAYX network can be distributed (rewarded) to participants in the network.

* Digital Currency such as Bitcoin, digital tokenized assets, digital assets such as intellectual property or service rights can be converted into Point or other stablecoins within the HUPAYX payment system and used for payment. Merchants must pay the payment fee in Point (or HPX), which is rewarded to nodes. Point can function as a reward depending on the application.

Token Usages

HUPAYX can be used to pay for a variety of products & services with additional benefits provided from the HUPAYX ecosystem. Here are some examples of how you can use HUPAYX:


Shuffle Point charged with Digital Currency and credit cards (fiat) can be used to pay at merchant POS terminals, and HPX can be paid directly for products sold exclusively at discounted price for HPX coin holders.

Transaction & Settlement

Transaction fee is paid in HPX and settled in HX Token and Tether stablecoins, local currency, and network alliance issued coins.


By supporting a Digital Currency wallet, in-app it provides fast, fees free Digital Currency transfer between HUPAYX network and wallet users.


The HPX is rewarded to HUPAYX network participants (users, merchants, validators, etc.) and the reward benefits are extended as participation increases.


Shuffle Point charged with Digital Currency and credit cards (fiat) can be exchanged for various Digital Currency and gift points after 60% usage.


HUPAYX network participation and payment through Shuffle Point is possible by linking A PIs to Digital Currency exchanges and Alliance services.


O2O Payment System
Mainnet Taycan testnet


Mainnet Taycan Launching(EVM)
NFT launch & marketplace open
EVM Defi, Swap Service OPEN


Governance Function
Multi-payment System


Public Wallet & NFT Valuation System
NFT Lending System


Korea Alliance Network Expansion




Shuffle Online/Offline Service Officially Launch Global Alliance Network Extension


Global payment Service Officially Launch


HUPAYX Test Net Open

OneGlobal Inc. JV Launch


Official MainNet Launch

Catholic Payment Launch


Investment Round

OneGlobal Service Launch



20/2021 - EU Subsidiary Launch


Over 20 Strategic Partnerships


Two Open Beta Apps (Android/iOS)

CoinBene Exchange Listing

Two Local Business Consortiums


Initiating Project Planning and Designing


Launching Development of the System


Launching POS Development


Establishment of THE HUMANPLUS